Pacific Catch


Pacific Catch is committed to being a positive force in the communities we serve. We support local events and programs and work hard to control our environmental impact.

Community Support:

Pacific Catch is dedicated to being an active member in our communities. From our staff volunteer outings, to opening events that highlight a local nonprofit in our new neighborhood, we believe in giving time and financial support where we do business.

Environmental Responsibility:

Pacific Catch is committed to being responsible environmental stewards. We do this by serving sustainably sourced seafood and striving to conserve natural resources, reduce waste and recycle in our daily practices.

We partner with companies with responsible methods of catching wild fish, and farmed fisheries that raise fish under the most environmentally friendly growing conditions and who use quality feed, free of antibiotics and hormones. We support local fisherman and farmers by providing local products when seasonality and availability permits.

We partner with local companies and organizations to recycle our fryer oil into bio fuel and compost all food waste in addition to our disposable, compostable eating utensils and straws.

We also employ green building techniques in our new locations, including LED light bulbs, hand dryers, aerators on faucets, water-saving toilets and drought resistant landscaping.