Live the Aloha life at Pacific Catch!

Celebrate the start of summer with a touch of Aloha spirit! Our island-inspired menu features fresh poke tostadas and craveable musubis, and a shareable pupu platter for those who simply can’t decide which seasonal special to try first!

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What is aloha?

Akahi- "kindness" to be expressed with tenderness

Lokahi- "unity" to be expressed with harmony

Oluolu- "agreeable" to be expressed with pleasantness

Haahaa- "humility" to be expressed with modesty

Ahonui- "patience" to be expressed with perseverance

The story of the musubi

Musubis are a Japanese-American dish originating from Hawaii. Traditionally, this dish is made with a slice of Spam on top of a rectangular bed of rice, all wrapped up in nori seaweed.

We’ve created our own ‘mainland’ twist on this classic, featuring our sustainable salmon, chicken katsu and coconut shrimp!

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The Poke “Tostada”

Where do tostadas come from?

Tostadas came to be 2,000 years ago in Oaxaca, Mexico when it was discovered that the ‘older’ tortillas used for tacos could have a longer shelf life after frying or toasting them.

Our play on the tostada marries the freshness of poke with the crunchy texture of a toasted nigiri shell to create a perfect handheld bite!

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You can have it all!

Our new Pupu Platter offers an amazing sharing experience and features items from our seasonal menu. Enjoy sticky ribs, coconut shrimp, chicken katsu musubis and original Ahi tostadas. Wash it down with our delicious new Lillikoi Mai Tai!

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