Pacific Catch


Bowls & Greens
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Warm Edamame 5

sea salt

Wakame Seaweed Salad 5

marinated cucumber, citrus ponzu

House Salad 7

shiitake mushroom, cucumber, tomato, edamame, daikon sprouts, miso dressing

Thai Brussels Sprouts 7

honey vinaigrette, crispy shallots

Salmon Chowder 9

grilled salmon, applewood bacon, Yukon Gold potatoes, corn, herb lemon oil, grilled bread


Guaca-Poke 13

original ahi poke, house guacamole, micro cilantro, romaine spears, house tortilla chips

Guac & Chips 10

Cabo Calamari 12

crispy calamari, lemon slices, Fresno chilies, chipotle aioli

Thai Coconut Shrimp 12

five-spice crispy shrimp, Thai sweet chili sauce

Korean Sticky Ribs 14

spicy cucumber banchan, sesame seeds, scallions


Original Ahi Poke 13

ahi tuna, sesame-soy marinade, sweet onion, red chili flakes

Salmon Avocado Poke 13

house-cured salmon, avocado, toasted shallot oil, scallions, lemon, crispy shallots

Serrano Ahi Poke 13

ahi tuna, sweet onion, sriracha aioli, serrano chiles

Baja Shrimp Ceviche 12

fresh lime, avocado, Fresno chilies, cilantro, romaine spears, tortilla chips

Bowls & Greens

Wasabi Bowl | Original Ahi Poke

avocado, wakame seaweed salad, marinated cucumber, pickled ginger, daikon sprouts, furikake, soy-wasabi vinaigrette, sushi rice, mixed organic greens

WestCoast Style | Grilled Fresh Salmon

roasted cauliflower, avocado, marinated cucumber, radish salad, cilantro-pepita pesto, soy-tahini drizzle, brown rice-quinoa blend, mixed organic greens

Hawaiian Teriyaki | Grilled Chicken

Rocky Jr® breast, glazed shiitake mushroom, carrots, grilled pineapple, edamame, crispy onions, sesame, teriyaki sauce, sushi rice

Korean BBQ | Grilled Skirt Steak

spicy cucumber banchan, pickled carrots, tamago, scallions, Korean BBQ sauce, sriracha aioli, brown rice

Mexican Grill | Grilled Chicken

Rocky Jr® breast with citrus-guajillo glaze, “elote” corn, guacamole, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, cilantro, tortilla chips, California escabeche, tomatillo dressing, lime crema, brown rice, mixed organic greens

Tataki-Style Salad | Seared Ahi

(try it with poke or crab salad) avocado, marinated cucumber, edamame, pickled ginger, daikon sprouts, sesame seeds, soy-wasabi vinaigrette, mixed organic greens

Citrus Miso Salad | Grilled Salmon

glazed shiitake mushrooms, avocado, cherry tomatoes, edamame, crispy salmon skin, sesame seeds, citrus-miso dressing, mixed organic greens

Asian Chimichurri Salad | Grilled Marinated Tofu

roasted cauliflower, avocado, marinated cucumber, tomato, edamame, daikon sprouts, Asian herb chimichurri, miso dressing, mixed organic greens with quinoa (VEGAN)


Traditional Baja

crispy Alaskan cod, cabbage, cilantro, avocado-tomatillo salsa, jalapeño tartar

Grilled Salmon

guajillo glazed, avacado, cabbage, cilantro, pico de gallo, lime crema

Pacific Rockfish

spice-rubbed Pacific rockfish, cabbage, cilantro, avocado-tomatillo salsa, lime crema

Guajillo Shrimp

citrus-guajillo adobo shrimp, avocado, grilled pineapple, cabbage, lime crema

Spicy Chicken

grilled Rocky Jr.® breast, guacamole, cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle aioli

Grilled Steak

marinated skirt steak, crispy onions, cabbage, cilantro, sriracha aioli, lime crema

Crispy Alaskan Cod

13 (2 pc) | 16 (3 pc) | 19 (4 pc) jalapeño tartar

Thai Coconut Shrimp 16

five-spice crispy shrimp, Thai sweet chili sauce

Mixed Crispy Catch 19

2 pc Alaskan cod, 3 Thai coconut shrimp, calamari, jalapeño tartar, chipotle aioli, Thai sweet chili sauce

Wasabi Ahi 14

seared ahi, avocado, daikon sprouts, pickled ginger, ginger-wasabi aioli

California Style Salmon 14

grilled salmon, avocado, tomato, greens, citrus aioli

Pollo Asado 13

Rocky Jr® chicken breast, citrus-guajillo adobo sauce, tomato, red onion, jalapeño tartar

Vietnamese Steak 15

marinated skirt steak, sliced serrano chilies, cilantro, pickled carrot, cucumber, sriracha aioli


Fresh Grilled Salmon with Asian Herb Chimichurri 23

fresh herb and garlic marinade, Thai Brussels sprouts, crispy shallots, kimchi fried rice, scallions, sriracha aioli, grilled lemon

Striped Seabass with Citrus-Guajillo Adobo 25

roasted chili adobo sauce, Mexican “elote” corn, seasoned fries, escabeche, grilled lemon, lime crema

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