In Response to Covid-19

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Help us stay safe

All of our restaurants follow stringent protocols on cleaning, sanitization, social distancing, and protections for employee health including temperature taking and the use of protective masks and gloves.

Your safety is our priority

During this period, Pacific Catch is adding a Covid-19 safety and sanitation surcharge of 2% to help offset the dramatically increased costs of operating a restaurant in this environment, adhering to stringent new ordinances, mandates and protocols. The surcharge will help to cover safety and sanitation costs including but not limited to masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, table disinfectants, thermometers, additional labor, all with fewer allowable tables.

Covid Action Plan

Pacific Catch employs stringent procedures to both prevent and eliminate health threats within our restaurants.

In the event of a positive COVID-19 test at one of our locations we will follow the process outlined below:

  • We validate the case and collect all information to determine appropriate action in accordance with CDC, state, county and city guidelines.
  • Once a case is validated, we immediately close the restaurant to protect Guests and Team Members.
  • Any Team Members deemed to have been working in “close contact” with a COVID positive individual – as defined by the CDC and local health guidelines – are notified and required to remain quarantined based on timing of close contact exposure.
  • The restaurant undergoes a full deep-clean and sanitation in conformance with CDC guidelines.
  • Quarantined Team Members may only return to work once they have completed their quarantine self-isolation period and are symptom free.

Each COVID-related case is unique and comes with a different set of circumstances. As such, it’s not effective to take a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach. While continued temporary closure of the restaurant is clearly an option, it’s not necessarily a requirement in certain scenarios.

In all cases, it is critical to immediately isolate any Team Members who have been determined to have had close contact exposure – as defined by the CDC and local health directives – comprehensively clean and sanitize the restaurant and, if necessary, restaff the restaurant with unaffected Team Members.

If we can do that safely with immediacy, we will remain open after fulfilling our sanitation procedures and staffing requirements. If not, we will close for an appropriate period of time.

While we are confident in our protocols, the unfortunate reality is that no business can provide a 100% guarantee given the current health crisis. However, you can rest assured that we will continue to maintain transparent communication with our valued Guests and Team Members.

Your safety is our priority

Sanitation after each guest

Curbside pickup

Socially distanced tables

Mandatory masks and gloves for our team members

Double sealed bags

Sanitizer stations for guests

Disposable single-use menus

Contactless payment

Temperature checks

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“Since we launched Pacific Catch in the Marina district, 17 years ago, this is absolutely the most challenging time in our history. Now that we have specific guidelines from local health authorities, we feel confident that we can have our restaurants open for takeout, delivery and outdoor dining, bringing our team members safely back to work and serve the amazing local communities we have been part of for two decades.”

Keith Cox, Founder and CEO

Keith Cox, CEO
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