Pacific Catch


WestCoast Hospitality


A smile, a passion for the ocean, a positive vibe. These are all the qualities we look for in our front-of-the-house team. If you can shake a killer craft cocktail and get excited about fresh new ways to serve seafood, we want to talk to you. Work for a like-minded company that seeks to protect the oceans resources through thoughtful sourcing.
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Inspired by the Pacific


The core of everything we do is sustainable seafood inspired by the Pacific Ocean and the cuisines from the shores it touches. Our kitchens are a place to learn and contribute to presenting seafood through a fresh new lens.
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CEO & Co-Founder

Keith Cox

We work hard to be the definitive WestCoast Fish House and we want to represent a culture that is forward-thinking, thoughtful and responsible. Pacific Catch is ocean-friendly because of our commitments to sustainable sourcing practices, compostable takeout packaging and treasured partnerships with Seafood Watch, James Beard's Smart Catch and Surfrider.


Aaron Noveshen

The Pacific and the cuisines from all of the shores it touches ignites our creativity. Every day is an opportunity to imagine how to marry diverse Pacific Flavors with sustainable seafood in fresh and interesting ways. Our love for the social experience of sharing a meal and the conversation that goes with it inspired our new FishBar, platters of sharable sustainable seafood on crushed ice.