Like a warm hug for your insides

Introducing the new Winter Comfort Food menu from Pacific Catch featuring hearty and wholesome soups full of immune boosting goodness, alongside decadent and delicious burgers and bowls.

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Chowders, Chupe & Cioppino

Loco Moco

Chicken Katsu

Chowder, Chupe & Cioppino


A simple dish of chowder, in the past considered to be “poor man’s food,” has a history that is centuries old. Vegetables or fish stewed in a cauldron became known as 'chowder' in English-speaking nations, a corruption of the name of the pot or kettle in which they were cooked. We offer ours with a choice of sustainably-sourced salmon or clams!


Seafood Chupe is a traditional favorite, popular on the Pacific coast of South America. This hearty chowder typically features fresh seafood served in a spicy tomato-based brother, thickened with starchy vegetables and rice. Our chupe is craveable winter comfort food, Peruvian-style!

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A local favorite, Cioppino is a tomato-based seafood stew that was invented by the San Fransisco's Italian fishermen of North Beach in the late 1800s using whatever seafood was left over from the day's catch. Our interpretation adds some South American spice to this loved classic.

The legend of Loco Moco!

The loco moco was first served back in 1949 in Hilo, Hawaii.  Young, broke surfers needed something cheap, filling and loaded with carbs.

The youngsters named this dish after one of their buddies whose nickname was “Crazy” or “Loco”. The word ‘moco’ was added simply because it rhymes!

The ultimate comfort food, we’ve created our own elevated version featuring Wagyu beef, shiitake mushroom and umami sauce!

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What is Katsu?

The Japanese word ‘katsu’ means cutlet in English. Essentially a Japanese-style fried chicken, the seasoned chicken is coated with panko breadcrumbs that are so light and crispy when cooked, you get a satisfying crunch and then a taste of moist and juicy chicken!

Chicken katsu is traditionally served with white rice and tonkatsu sauce, a thick and tangy Japanese vegetarian brown sauce. We’re serving ours two ways, a delicious sando and a mouthwatering luau bowl! 

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