A Sip of Sunshine

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Beware – shark warning! Our crowd-favorite “Shark’s Tooth” has been sighted back on the mainland, along with some new summer specials. Come try our fruity crew of sunny libations: the Watermelon Margarita, the Strawberry Mule, and our refreshing Rosé Spritz.

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We're Dropping Bombs!

Ahi Poke Bombs, that is! These bite-sized explosions of flavor originate from Japan and are more formally known as ‘inari’. Made with rice packed into delicate tofu pockets, you can make them your own by adding your choice of our fresh yellowfin tuna pokes.

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Ceviche Tacos

Rainbow Sushi Bowl

Pupu Platter

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How Summer should look and taste...

Whether you choose one of our fresh ceviches served in delicious jicama shells or our signature rainbow sushi rolls reinvented as a mouthwateringly colorful bowl, every bite is like a taste of Summer!

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Beach Vibes Await!

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This summer may be endless but our tables are not. With all our restaurants fully open for both indoor and outdoor seating, we advise making a reservation ahead of time to ensure you keep the summer vibes rolling!

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