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Kvarøy Arctic Salmon

Kvaroy Arctic is a family business and has been for three generations. They provide a livelihood or their employees and a sustainable future for the inhabitants of the beautiful island they live on.

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Good for you

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Kvaroy Arctic has more long chain omega-3’s than any other salmon and is the first to ever be certified by the red check seal program. Rich in Omega-3 oils, B vitamins, protein, potassium, selenium, and antioxidants, the health benefits are seemingly endless. Your immune system,  muscles, energy levels, brain function and heart health may all benefit from regularly eating this delicious and versatile fish.



Good for the Ocean

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KVARØY is at the forefront of sustainable fish farming and offers high quality salmon without compromising either the environment or the welfare of their fish.

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ENJOY Kvarøy Arctic Salmon

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