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Tastes of the Pacific

Take a flavor journey around the Pacific Rim with our new Spring menu.
Our new Pacific Plates are the perfect entrée for those who love a little bite of everything!

Japanese Flower
hawaiian food


two bbq pork skewers, sushi rice, stir fry veggies, teriyaki, house Mac salad, original ahi poke, wonton chips, crispy chicken katsu musubis, marinated cucumbers

japanese food


grilled salmon-brussels okonomiyaki, steamed edamame, two ahi tataki “bombs”, miso salad, wakame-cucumber salad

korean food


grilled skirt steak, kimchi fried rice, sunny-side egg, Korean ahi poke, wonton chips, spicy cucumber banchan, kimchi, glazed shiitake mushrooms, edamame, pickled red ginger, pickled carrots


Our new Pacific Plates are now available as to-go boxes!

If you’re looking to take a culinary journey around the Pacific, we’ve already done the packing for you! With a little bite of everything, our Hawaiian, Japanese and Korean plates are the perfect entree for those seeking a bento-style meal experience!

Enjoy them at home, on the go, or at your favorite park or beach. Wherever you eat them, your happy place just got a little happier!

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korean box pacific catch japanese box pacific catch hawaiian box pacific catch
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Pacific Plates Okonomiyako Brussels



crispy brussels, unagi sauce, citrus aioli, furikake, pickled red ginger, bonito flakes

Pacific Plates Katsu Musubi Roll


Musubi Roll

nori wrapped, crispy chicken katsu, grilled pineapple, house katsu sauce, citrus aioli, furikake, 4pc roll

Pacific Plates BB


BBQ Skewers

three marinated pork skewers, Asian chimichurri dipping sauce, house mac salad

ahi bombs pacific catch


Tataki "Bombs"

sesame-crusted ahi tuna, inari sweet soy pocket, seasoned sushi rice, ponzu, 3 “bombs”

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pacific Plates Pupu Platter

Pupu Platter to share

two ahi tataki “bombs”, three coconut shrimp, two bbq pork skewers, two crispy chicken katsu musubis, house Mac salad

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ube ice cream

Ube ice cream

traditional Filipino purple “oo-beh” ice cream, sugar waffle cone

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