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Since 2003 Bay Area diners have turned to Pacific Catch for balanced and healthful seafood preparations inspired by flavors from the Pacific.

The menu weaves wild-caught and sustainably-raised fish with Pacific Catch guest favorites from the FishBar, like our Hawaiian Pokes and Ceviches and newly introduced Sushi Tacos.

Completing the offering are signature “Grains and Greens” Bowls, Tacos, Fish & Chips, Wagyu and Fish Burgers, and a seasonal offering of fresh fish from the “Fresh Catch” menu.

Our Menu
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Fresh Catch

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Fresh Catch specials feature a choice of fresh and sustainable fish from the grill that can be made to order in a variety of styles such as Asian Herb Chimichurri, Grilled Pineapple Salsa, Thai Green Curry or Hawaiian Sea Salt, accompanied by a choice of delicious side dishes including Thai Brussels Sprouts, Kimchi Fried Rice and Elote Corn.

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Wave to Table

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We’ve created an online resource where you can dive deeper into learning about the importance of seafood sustainability and how to make the same ocean-friendly choices at home. Visit our WaveToTable.com website to join us on a journey towards a more sustainable future.

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Sustainable Sourcing

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Responsible Sourcing

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We only source seafood that is Green or Yellow rated by our partner Seafood Watch, or that’s eco-certified by the MSC, ASC, or BAP. Our Director of Sustainability keeps track of each and every purchase we make.


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We believe responsibly raised and wild caught seafood fits comfortably on the same menu, as one protects the life of the other. We track the farm, farmer, feed source, processor and the ratings for each as determined by Seafood Watch, Aquaculture Stewardship Council and the Best Aquaculture Practices rating (2 Star BAP or above).

Wild Caught Fish

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We monitor the species, location of the catch and catch method and the rating for each as determined by the Seafood Watch or the Marine Stewardship Council.

Our Fish

Kvarøy Salmon is a family business and has been for three generations. They provide a livelihood or their employees and a sustainable future for the inhabitants of the beautiful island they live on.

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Forever Oceans raises their kanpachi off the coast of Panama with their new technology that enables them to raise their fish sustainably far off shore in the deep ocean, where the water is pristine and fish thrive in their natural habitat.

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Pacifico striped bass are sustainably open-ocean raised striped bass off the shores of Baja California. The ocean-raised striped bass is farmed in clean, clear, deep oceanic currents where the meroir gives the fish a distinct sweetness with a delicate umami second flavor profile.

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Alaska Cod is wild and pure, responsibly managed for continuing abundance. Harvested throughout the Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands, Alaska Cod is available all year-round.

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Why is Sustainable Seafood the core of what Pacific Catch does?

Pacific Catch was founded based upon a passion for the cuisine of our founders California upbringing and our adventures in eating across the Pacific Rim.  A vision that even years later, is still relevant and reflects our love of fresh fish and authentic flavors. These pillars make Pacific Catch a true West Coast fish house.  After nearly two decades, our commitment to the highest quality ingredients, sustainable sourcing and community-centered business remains true to our brand and our mission.

Our Menu stands as the cornerstone of a company committed to sustainability fish and seafood sourcing policy.   We are even more committed in 2019 to continue a sourcing policy that reduces pressure on wild fish populations in order to improve ocean health. Pacific Catch is committed to sustainable fish and seafood sourcing habits as well as continuous improvement. In a world where climate change, pollution, habitat-destruction, over-fishing, nutrition, and food access are the biggest challenges humanity faces, all of the innovations in sustainability that are happening are needed now more than in any other time in human history.  At Pacific Catch, we stand by the highest commitment to the ocean environment, responsible catching and rearing habits.

What are Pacific Catch's Sustainability Guidelines?

Seafood consumption has nearly doubled worldwide since Pacific Catch was founded, but fish stocks have not kept pace. Sea life at all levels of the food chain is at risk. To ensure the vitality of our fish supply—and our continued benefit from them- Pacific catch is evolving its relationship with ocean’s resources. The key in our minds is adaption in an effort to make the harvesting of fish more sustainable for the long-term.  By taking into consideration the life cycles and interdependence of fish at all levels of the food chain, our new approach rethinks how fish and seafood are sourced. Humankind has been exploiting the world’s oceans for millennia. Our behavior has to change to ensure the vitality of our oceans and the long-term availability of fish in our diets. Therefore, the way in which we source our fish and seafood must evolve. Through our efforts, we hope to preserve both fishing and farming as viable options for the future. We are committed to sustainability, our health, and the health of our oceans.

Pacific Catch has made sustainable fish and seafood sourcing the cornerstone of its sustainable sourcing approach.

How Does Pacific Catch Engage?

Pacific Catch’s strategy for sustainable fish and seafood seeks to protect this important resource by:

• Maintaining a wide variety of sustainable species on our menu at all times
• Protecting species identified as being at risk by eliminating sourcing from supply chains where no improvement processes are in place or control measures are implemented.
• Increasing the use of available Eco-standards to guarantee respect of sustainability criteria for both farm-raised and wild caught fish;
• Established a steady supply of both farmed and frozen fish that are extremely sustainable offerings in accordance with the highest environmental and social standards;
• Collaborating with organizations including Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, Aquaculture and Marine Stewardship Council, James Beard Smart Catch, Surfrider and James Beard Smart Catch with our sustainability director for
ongoing advice and monitoring all of our wild caught and farm-raised fish and seafood sourcing.

Nature sustains itself through continuous give-and-take processes. Human interaction with nature, whether through fishing wild stocks or poor aquaculture, has adversely affected this cycle. To date, this action has been mostly take and no give. We are remedying this situation by demanding less compromised species, sourcing both more sustainably raised fish as well demanding high quality frozen products an an effort to lower waste and carbon foot print. We believe that the benefit is twofold:  wild populations can maintain their numbers and regenerate more easily. Additionally, the support of species that are farmed sustainably ensures that we can supply fish not only for dinner tonight, but for generations to come.

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Our Menus

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We are serving balanced and healthful seafood preparations inspired by flavors from the Pacific. Our love of the Pacific Ocean shapes and influences our food, including our commitment to using only sustainably-sourced seafood to help protect the ocean for generations to come.

Our Menu
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